About The Creator

Midwest, born and raised, I have a deep love for the land and ecosystems of my home. I am also an avid Equestrian, and have been known as "That Horse Girl" since I was old enough to swing my leg over the backs of patient ponies.

I started EntheoEquidae in 2012, with two hats and a T shirt design while periodically following the music festival scene as a live painter and vendor. It has gone on to grow with me through all of life's twists and turns. Though it may not have always been my main job, its been a source of constant joy for me.

In 2019 I began offering services for rebranding, merchandise development, web design, and much more. Whatever my clients can dream up, I have been there to help them achieve their creative vision. Then, in 2020, I made the leap to become a full time freelancer.

Outside of my little art empire, I love cooking (especially Japanese and Korean dishes), hiking with my dog, picnics with my partner, gardening, and collecting tea sets.